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Structural Engineering

Chall.Eng. Corporation (CEC) Engineers are experienced in a wide variety of structural design projects on both land and near water throughout Southern Ontario and Michigan.  Our work includes projects both large and small, including the structural design of new buildings and structures, structural design of additions to existing buildings, and the investigation and repair

of existing damaged structures, with our clients being private homeowners, corporations, condominimum boards, architects, contractors, municipalities, insurance companies, lawyers, and government agencies. 


CEC projects consist of all types of traditional construction materials (concrete, masonry, steel, wood, etc.), but we also maintain current and up to date knowledge and expertise with newer materials, such as helical piers, pre-stressed concrete, and carbon fibre strapping being considered.


In addition to our Structural Engineering experience, our expertise in other fields such as Coastal Engineering, Forensic Engineering, and Building Sciences, provide CEC with a unique and well-rounded background to help meet all your Structural Engineering needs.


Services provided include:


  • Structural design of new buildings, additions, and renovations.

  • Damage or problem assessment for buildings and structures.

  • Engineering analysis and scope of repair/work with specifications and Tender Documents.

  • Cost estimates.

  • Building and Structural Condition Assessments are carried out for clients purchasing industrial, multi-family, institutional or commercial buildings.

  • Demolition reports required by the OBC for buildings being demolished that exceed 10,000 square feet in size. 

  • The preparation of AutoCad drawings.

  • Construction review and quality control.

  • Contract administration, such as payments, deficiency reports, scheduling, and correspondence.



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