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Building Sciences

Chall.Eng. Corporation’s Engineers and Technicians have been providing building science consulting services for existing and new high and low rise buildings for over 22 years.  Our strength lies in our unique approach to explore all available options to develop workable solutions that minimize operational costs, and to achieve the highest levels of sustainable design. Through reviewing, investigating, problem solving, and designing high performance sustainable solutions we can meet building owners and occupants needs to raise the quality of the built environment.  Coupling our building science expertise with our in-house structural capabilities, Chall. Eng. is positioned to assist any building owner with workable solutions to manage or modify their built environment to meet their requirements and resale building issues.    We have worked with Clients on some of the most notable buildings in Windsor and Essex County, providing the following services:

  • Building Conditions Assessments

  • Condominium Conversion Studies

  • Capital Planning:

    • Property Condition Assessments

    • Pre-Purchase / Refinance Inspections

    • Reserve Fund Studies

  • Project Management

  • Building Repair / Restoration Project Design Specification and Tendering

  • Construction Review and Contract Administration

  • Air and Water Leakage Investigations

  • Roofing / Waterproofing Consulting - Leakage Investigations

  • Wall Cladding Consulting:

    • EIFS and Stucco

    • Curtain and Window Walls

    • Windows, Masonry

    • Metal Cladding

  • New Construction Consulting and Inspections:

    • Building Envelope Design Drawings Reviews

    • Construction / Specification Conformance Reviews:

      • Roofing / Waterproofing

      • Insulation

      • Air / Vapour Barriers

      • Fire Stopping and Smoke Sealing

      • Cladding (Masonry, EIFS / Stucco, Sealants, Windows , Curtain Walls , and Window Walls, Sprayed Insulation Testing)

      • Pull testing

      • Roof Anchor Inspection and Testing

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