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Forensics/Investigative Engineering

Chall.Eng. assignments have included building damage investigations and assessments involving structural collapses, fires, storms, lightning, hail, flooding, and other natural disasters, construction deficiencies, and expert witness testimony at trials.   Our company carries out at least 150 Investigative assignments a year ranging from very small to very large losses (several million dollars in value and all types of buildings).  Our extensive experience has shown that each loss involves many inter-related parts that include a quick response (i.e. a call or email) to initiate the file asssignment; attending the site as soon as possible;

attending the site as soon as possible; technical assessment; immediate preliminary verbal report; follow-up engineering review; and written report.  Our goal is to obtain a positive resolution that is based on the physical evidence of a loss and a rapid response.  Visit our links below for more information on services that we provide, and specifically our Rapid Response and Guarantee for Investigative Engineering assignments.  

Rapid Response

With over 4,000 investigative files now accomplished to our credit, we at Chall.Eng. recognize that rapid response is the key action in a loss and throughout the entire assignment - starting with the initial phone call or email.

Calling Chall.Eng. will get you a response within the hour (8-5) and arrange/attend a site inspection with a verbal result by the end of the day (For insurance investigations only). Where ever the loss occurs, Chall.Eng. is there - including Windsor, Essex County, Chatham, Sarnia and London areas and beyond.


Disclaimer: We make every effort to respond as fast as we can; however; Acts of God, natural disasters, owner availability and unforeseen circumstances may result in a longer response time.

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